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Born in Berkshire in 1949, Tony now lives and works from his studio and home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. An accomplished musician, he explored various opportunities in the fields of music and commercial art before settling on a career as a professional artist in 1975.

His ability to capture the particular sense of place and mood of widely contrasting locations has been reflected in consistently successful exhibitions throughout the UK, Germany, Japan, and the USA.

He is expressive in style, has a passionate interest in colour and the effects of light and shade and loves to work on a large scale when the opportunity arises. Tony is an experienced travelling artist, regularly undertaking trips to different parts of the world. The discovery of the new provides him with the excitement, ideas, inspiration and motivation to capture the spirit of the landscape, architecture and people he encounters.

Tony gathers drawings, images and recorded sounds from his travels to work on in the studio, painting in both vibrant pastels and watercolour- both separately and together.

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